Sheet piling and Shoring in Saudi Arabia

Excavation of the ground and preparation of buildings, tanks and other structures requires strict and stringent safety protocols. There are many shoring contractors in Saudi Arabia in which Mega is one of the first construction companies in Saudi Arabia to do. In order for your excavated area to avoid risk of a collapse, you would need a solid and cost effective safety barrier that will allow you and your team to work within the fortified environment. Whether it be 3 to 16 meters of excavation, it is incumbent that you protect the side walls from caving in, which would not only cause serious damage and destruction to whatever is in the between, but will also have a severe negative impact on what areas are surrounding your excavation site.

The imbalance caused by excavations to surrounding structures and roads is also of great concern. Not only does shoring create a secure environment within the pit, but it protects the settlement, sink-age, cracking and collapsing of the surrounding area. So you must now realize the value of sheet piling, h beam shoring and shoring contractors in Saudi Arabia. It is a cost today that will save you the future costs of material, equipment, structural and possibly manpower damages and losses.

You now have an idea of how important this scope of work is, and how well it needs to be understood by a competent contractor. We have had the opportunity to complete shoring jobs all across Saudi Arabia which helped us amass extensive experience. Throughout our years we have spanned our sheetpiling efforts in Jubail, Dammam, Jizan, Yanbu, Makkah, Riyadh and almost any city you can name in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, our vibro hammer machine rental fleet has seen positive growth and allow us to drive any shoring that you need specifically for your job.

Depending on your needs we offer you what is best for you. Not only to save you money, but to also fulfill your safety and site requirements.

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