The Future of Saudi Arabia

With construction embedded in the DNA of Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t seem like letting up anytime soon. Construction companies in Saudi Arabia are having a field day bidding for tenders and actively seeking projects for their manpower and heavy equipment. The span of projects aren’t limited to any province either, meaning that all areas of KSA are fair game.

Indeed the tenders are being floated, needs are looking to be met by clients and contractors are being invited by the dozens to get the job done. But it really boils down to contractor pre-qualifications, their expertise and ability to carryout said projects. But few contractors in Saudi Arabia are able to get the job done solely with their own machinery, manpower and equipment inclusively. This may not be an immediate problem for the client, but will rear it’s head on them when the job begins to take it’s paces.

It’s important to allot your job to a contractor that won’t cause any delays or hiccups in your project. Whether is be logistical, deadline submissions, material supply or the ability to provide sound and experience manpower. Choosing a company that carries it’s own heavy equipment, heavy machinery and manpower vastly improves your ability to achieve your project’s deadline in a safe and timely manner. You can be rest assured that you will be dealing directly with your sub contractor and avoid any third party suppliers that you should not have to, or need have been dealing with.

Mega Contracting carries the required materials, equipment and trained staff for the job. We aren’t limited to districts either as we carry out our operations in all cities and provinces of Saudi Arabia. Although we operate within the Eastern Province, we have done projects in Yanbu, Jazan, Khafji, Jeddah, Riyadh and of course Dammam and Khobar. We have a great history in Bahrain as well in the shape of Amwaj Islands. We can carry out projects relating to ashphalt paving, road construction, sheet piling, concrete piling and so much more. The major benefit with us is that we offer the technical solution while providing the piling hammer, piling rig and all supplementary equipment owned my Mega.

You can be at peace knowing that your excavators, vibro hammers, heavy equipment in Saudi Arabia is not only owned by us, but also serviced and maintained by our in house mechanics. If there is any issue or service required relevant to our machinery, we will bring the needed technician or mechanic on the job site to have the issue rectified as not to delay the on going project.

As you now see the importance of choosing a company that carries its own equipment, materials and technicians you will be very careful in choosing a construction company in Saudi Arabia. We hope that you will make the right and informed choice!