Solar Power Panels

In the advent of the IR 4.0, also known as the 4th industrial revolution, energy efficient and maximizing technologies are widely spread and needed now more than ever. Photovoltaics and solar power is the leading light in this shift in energy alternatives. Recognizing the needs of the population and the similar preservation of the earth, we are pleased to introduce the supply and installation of Solar panels in Saudi Arabia.

Solar Farms and Solar Ranches

Creating energy for your factory, plant, building or any infrastructure you have electricity requirements for can be accommodated for with on-grid and off-grid solutions. We can create a solar farm, where multiple panels are joined to provide energy to meet your needs.

Photovoltaic Glazing

The technique of turning your ordinary glass into a means of capturing the suns energy and turning it into usable energy to power your lights, electronics, air conditioner and factories is made possible through photovolatic cells embedded in our panels. These panels and glasses can be fitted in bus stations, replace your buildings existing glass and pretty much in any infrastructure where you can absorb the suns energy.

Why You Need It

Improvements in harnessing solar energy is being actualized rapidly and we are here to provide the benefits to you. Buildings fitted with photovoltaic glass or solar powered glass offer you multiple benefits. Being able to reduce your electricity cost, having thicker, tempered and more sturdy glass compared to conventional ones. The ability to increase and decrease your opacity of the window with special solar panel glass systems. The future is expensive, electricity costs are rising universally, resources aren’t going to replenish themselves, so it’s time to invest in solar energy and a brighter future.