sheetpile and dewatering

Project ZAM-Nalco Eastern Province

We are working alongside the American company Nalco Champion, Zamil cool and Zamil steel in efforts to update and restructure their warehouse and strengthen their facilities. We are undertaking concrete work, MEP, civil work and much more. 


Project ZAM-MAS-Warehouse

In co-operation with Zamil Steel, Mega Contracting is leading the charge with the ground preparation for Zamil Steel's Warehouse. Our scope includes the excavation, the de-watering, complete shoring and sheet piling which also includes our vibro hammers and rental machinery.


Project SP-RW-Feb-11-17

Another road work job has begun with the layering of asphalt. Our roller compactors, graders and paver machines are out there in the Abqaiq region laying asphalt and high class bitumen materials for a modest size area. Being a Saudi contracting company we can branch to other cities and produce quality results for all civil contracting work.

Project SS-RW- Jan-06-17

We have undertaken the re-asphalting of a steel factory using the highest class of mix, to provide a road that is capable of handling high traffic, heavy weight and machinery load.

Status: ON GOING 

Project OTAIB-1P-Dammam- Jan-11-17

A rental de-watering system was deployed, and set up in the industrial area of Dammam. The depth of 4m which is being captained by Mega's powerful German pumps to keep the area dry for a proposed polyethylene tank.

Status: ON GOING


Project WW34-Khobar

This project took place in the Eastern province of Al Khobar. It entailed the driving of sheet piles with the use of our powerful vibro hammer. Water was extracted by use of our dewatering pumps and full system to make sure the land was dry and safe. It was followed by the use of our heavy equipment to compact the land for further development. Our heavy machinery, sheet piles, vibro hammers and all the above mentioned can be rented or done as a service for you.

Status: Successfully Completed

Project Deep-PILTABUK- 2016

Driving our custom 16 meter long sheet piles in a barren desert with our vibro hammers in tough conditions

Status: Successfully Completed

Project BKFLLCHIN 2016

3 years and still on going, to create an extension to the Dammam Port in a combined effort with China Harbor

Status: Successfully Completed

Project WFDMM2HASA 2016

To transport water from Dammam to Hasa over a stretch of 148km in a combined effort with Sinopec China.

Status: Successfully Completed

Project xx1: Partner with Boskalis.

Begun June 30th 2013 and is till in progress. Completed

Project Vu55m: Sunaya, Industrial Area.


In the process of wrapping things up- Completed