If you ask a construction specialist, he will tell you that dewatering is the process of removal of groundwater at a certain depth to facilitate the construction of foundations. It happens to be a very important process when it comes to construction of mines with workably dry conditions. However, in doing so, there is a heavy environmental impact that is observed on the groundwater environment if dewatering is not done carefully. Here are a few activities in which you would require a dewatering contractor’s skills to carry out dewatering in an environmental-friendly way.

#1: Groundwater control methods

There are two kinds of groundwater control methods, namely the pumping method and the exclusion method. If these two methods are not employed carefully, they can result in adverse impacts on the groundwater environment. Professional dewatering contractors can take care of this task with ease and efficiency.

#2: Hydrogeological conditions

If there is the presence of aquifers, aquicludes or aquitards in the vicinity of the site, and these formations are fairly transmissive, then the drawdown curve that occurs on pumping shall be spread over a wide area. This impacts a huge area with lowering of groundwater level. Therefore, a professional should be hired to take care of this job.

#3: The parameters of dewatering

The scale and duration of dewatering have direct impacts on the groundwater health of the surrounding areas. To keep everything within eco-friendly levels, it is best to hire a professional to measure for how long dewatering is required to be done, and how deep a pit would work safely.

Thus, it is evident that hiring a professional contractor for dewatering projects helps big time in saving the environment.