Saving the Future

As a construction company in Saudi Arabia we are all to aware of the inputs and outputs of doing contracting. Especially when it comes to the environment. The need for us build and create infrastructure also takes a heavy toll on the environment. There is no secret or hiding this fact. Because of that, we know as civil contractors in Dammam that we need to be the first adopters in saving the earths resources and reducing our carbon foot print.

So we’ve decided to expand our horizons and begin implementing energy saving solutions for both us and our clients. Together we aim to reduce the negative impact of energy creation and consumption. This vision hopes that we can maintain or increase our outputs and efficiency while cutting costs and saving the environment. A vision worth striving for.

Solar panels aren't new to the market, nor are they impossible to implement. The time is now for us as a whole to use energy from renewable sources rather than depleting our existing ones. Saudi Arabian solar power is a whole different ball game, as we have an enormous potential to reap the almost year round available UV rays. We have no doubt in our minds that by using photovoltaic cells and photovoltaic glazing solutions in our lands and infrastructure we can easily save our energy costs, consumption and further destruction of the environment.

We are capable of installing the foundational support for your solar farms, and even lead you to some of our trusted suppliers that offer an array of solar panel possibilities. Some of which include PV glass, which will generate electricity for your building or factory by replacing your old and outdated glass facades. We can install and supply your PV panel needs, just send us your inquiry. We look forward to a bright and renewable future with you!